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Agustín Indaco is a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at CUNY, The Graduate Center. His research interests lie in the intersection of applied microeconomics and big data. He is particularly interested in exploring ways in which we can study economic behavior and measuring economic outcomes in societies through data collected from social media. Prior to his graduate studies, he was a Junior Professional Associate at The World Bank, where he worked in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management unit for Latin America.

Agustín is a research fellow for Lev Manovich at the Software Studies Initiative. He is also a research assistant for a National Science Foundation funded project studying the economic impact of high-skilled immigration in the US.  He also serves as Visiting Faculty at Strelka Institute for The New Normal postgraduate program.

Agustín is a columnist for El Economista, an economic newspaper in Argentina and co-hosts a weekly radio show about economics, science and art; and has worked as an adjunct professor at City Tech College and as a consultant at The World Bank.